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The Gorilla Organization


Our list showing the different foundations or organizations chosen to be connected with every sale. All of these foundations are highly valued by our founders and we are more than excited to have these organizations donated to with every purchase. 

Founded in the 90's the impact this foundation has had on the the early push for support of endangered gorillas is the reason our organization is here. The main reason for our choice of this amazing organization their choice to create jobs in impoverished areas of Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. Having farming, tree planting, and bear-friendly beekeeping are a few of the jobs this organization has brought and been making a real impact on the community. The gorillas that are being taken care for or monitored and done with precision and with intent so these beautiful gorillas are safe, healthy, and happy. 

Pandas International

Another founded in the late 90's Pandas International is a smaller non-profit aimed towards the protection of Pandas. The reason for our selection is because of their goal to eventually put these adorable animals back into the wild. This foundation is being run more like a hospital for Pandas, supporting and aiding until the animal is ready to  be reintroduced into the wild.

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